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May 21, 2024

Meta approved for another data center on Gallatin campus

By Adam Sichko – Senior Reporter, Nashville Business Journal

This June 2022 rendering depicts Facebook's first pair of data centers. Now, another building is set for the area in the top-left of this image.

A social media goliath worth $1.2 trillion on the stock market received approval May 20 to build yet another data center near Nashville.

Meta Platforms Inc. (Nasdaq: META) won permission from the Gallatin Municipal Planning Commission for another building on its roughly 800-acre property, which has been under constant construction since the company purchased it four years ago.

The newest building, shaped like a stretched-out plus sign, will propel Meta's total investment in Gallatin well beyond $1 billion.

The building will have 276,000 square feet of space, according to plans filed with the city. That's a 17% increase to the company's existing data center footprint, boosting that total near 1.9 million square feet, including a bit of administrative office space.

Meta Platforms Inc. is seeking approval from Gallatin to build this data center, shaped like a stretched plus sign, on
its 800-acre property.

Meta says there are 3.24 billion daily active users worldwide of its platforms such as Facebook (which formerly was the name of the whole company), as well as Instagram,
WhatsApp and Messenger.

Some of those posts, photos and messages course through Gallatin, northeast of Nashville. Meta's initial buildings are open, and a second pair of buildings is nearing that point.

Hundreds of construction workers are on site daily, and Meta will employ about 100 people full-time at the Gallatin site once the second pair of buildings is fully operational.

Meta has 20 U.S. data center sites today, including one announced this month in Montgomery, Alabama.

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