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GEAR program Services


Getting things done - this may be one of the best things we do. We serve as the liason between companies and the City of Gallatin; helping navigate processes, procedures, regulations and any other hurdles.

Roundtable MEETINGS

GEAR meetings are a time for Company Executives, HR & Plant Managers, education partners, and state experts to share current business successes and hurdles as well as network for ideas and best practices.


We promote job openings & fairs on our website, social media platforms and other advertising mediums. We even produce videos at no charge to you that help potential workers know what you do and what it is like to work for you.


We participate in the Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Agency’s biennial salary survey which allows access to Gallatin and Sumner County specific data.


Our annual Manufacturing Day event in October honors and promotes the work and contributions of our existing industry.

This is probably the most imporant thing we do here in Gallatin - making sure we stay in touch with our industries that are here.

Lilibeth Leon, Existing Industries Manager, gallatin eda

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